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life [Oct. 14th, 2006|11:25 am]
Well i got a nudge in my email saying i havent updated, so here lol
I am finally moving out on my own, away from my parents....25 years old and still living with them lol, but hey i would have been out 5 years ago if i knew what credit was and how yeah can screw it up LOL. I will be moving out with this big loud black dude named mike, he is a good guy, and a fur named wes who is a panther. If we can all find another room mate, life will be good. and some one please kill the kid who woke me up at 7 am riding his skateboard...or eat them
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Home Alone [Aug. 20th, 2006|11:40 am]
[Current Location |Home]
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |Silent]

Hi everyone, Well i have my house to myself for 2 weeks. Its been a week already and its been getting a bit lonely here lol. But i have invited friends over to have some fun. My friend wolfgangcake and his room mate steve came over for a BBQ, had steak, burgers and hotdogs.....mmmm steak...anyways. we had some fun hung out and stuff. though wolfgang decided to take over the BBQ about half way through..he loves to cook. Lately i have been going to my friend Rogers place, its gets way to quite and boring here, so i got to do something. And a job? well the company i was working for went out of bussiness kind of all the sudden. but hey i am glad to be out of that place...to many upset customers. And i miss the blue dragon...damnit why yeah have to move to PA? lol anyways, see yeah all guys laters!!!

Oh and for those who have my cell number, yeah all might wanna ask me again for it. I got a new number..
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Califur [May. 9th, 2006|12:19 pm]
[Current Location |At work]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

Okay first off, My car is is going to be junked here is a picture I got www.furnation.com/dahnii/honda.jpg good news is I got a new car www.furnation.com/dahnii/pt.jpg But anyways, I went to califur, I had a awsome time, met alot of new furs. I got to know quite a few furs, 150 more people where there then last year. I had to work on staff as security, but while your on your shift you can still have fun. I met a particular fur, his name is Railo Wolf. he was such a sweetie. he loves fat furs too murrrr.

What had happend was, we got to know each other, we both saw each other at random points and finally he came up to me, to hang out, and so we did the rest of the con. and i didnt have much money, but they had a pet auction. he put him self up to be purchased. i was going to let it go, but i couldnt contain my self and i bought him *blushes* i think he was very happy i did so, but hey, i made a good friend and cant wait to see him again, next week. he live locally to me, and for those who know me, he likes all the things i do, irl and online *grins toothly* mmmmmmmmmm *drool* and i have met this person ONLY irl and at the con, i think that we might be a match, cant wait to see where this goes. they had a caveray (dance) and cat at body sprayed a few furs up in cat prints, purrr, they got nude and started to dance, it was so cool, they had a ice cream part, loved the artisits that where there this year. if anyone goes to califur there is a guy named cow that sales fox bags and tails. very nicly done, he also sales jewlery and other things. i bought a fox bag from him as well as a picture from one of the artists of a lion putting a mouse in his maw...i wounder why i bought it? *grins*

Anyways, so now its over, stayed 4 nights there, and no i didnt get laid, i dont look to get laid at cons. people i saw at the con last year that i thought they didnt like me, where there this year, and i figured out that i was just really shy last year. this con opened me up and made alot of friends and those i met last year. so i guess i was just too shy lol. but hey. i hope to see more people next year, and maybe some of my online friends will drop in too.

anyways, well i need to go back to work, so i will catch all yeah tasty furs again! *hugs*
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First Day [Apr. 26th, 2006|11:49 pm]
[Current Location |My room i think but i am not quite sure of my suroundings.]
[music |the fan going WRIIIILLLLL]

Okay first off, if you dont like messy typests or people who cant spell worth a damm. then LEAVE NOW AND DONT CUM BACK.

Anyways, i have had a revelation tonight which has made me now want to write a live journal.
SO yeah, first the day went out pretty good, been planing Zero Whitefang down, went to my friend rogers house and all hang out, played halo 2 and started to watching FF7 AC, then i recive a phone call from my father, apearently he found out my car has been crashed into, at the place where i am at. *at this point furball freaks out) but i am okay!!! i wasnt in my car. i was safe, so after about 30 mins of me on fire. i proptly drove it home to only tell zero i am starting a live journal because of my car, my car has been hit 3 times now and each time the vechial was PARKED and me no where near it. so bleh. and promptly went to the super markget and got soda and ice cream *droooooolllllllll* *slobber* hmmmmm ice cream, and all gone along with the rest of the furs i have CONSUMED today. (hears a fur in his belly go EEEKKKK* *YAWNN!!!!* well i think its time for me to head off to bed, and kick zero out (awwwwww) and make him come down again soon (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Good Night every one who sees this before they go to bed and for those who just woke, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!! go back to bed!!!!

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